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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 12, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> those sparks did not just fly in one direction a calm and collected paul ryan scalded his opponent with a few choice zincers of his own. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> a very clear choice, not just in a contrast in style but clear contrast in substance. >> paul was, of course, respectful and polite. paul was paul. he came on with facts and figures and a plan. >> did biden do enough to stem the bleeding and damage from president obama's lackluster first debate performance? did ryan help maintain the romney momentum? >> this is a classic case where both sides of the aisle people saw what they wanted to see. >> joining me now is brad woodhouse, communications director of the democrat national committee. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks, richard.
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>> the vice president is being hammered by people who say he was laughing inappropriately, very energetic certainly. smirking, interrupting frequently. let's play some of those moments for our viewers, first. >> under a romney administration, we will have credibility on this issue. >> vice president biden? >> it's incredible. >> thank heaven which have these sanctions in place. >> oh, god. >> it's been discredited by six other studies. over 100 criminal investigations. >> martha. >> go ahead. >> martha, look. >> here is some of what the republicans are saying about the vice president's performance last night. >> reminded me of al gore in 2000 walking over and standing by president bush sort of getting in his space. >> i don't know if he thought this was a joke but he was laughing a lot. >> it was bizarre. i thought it was belittling. >> brad, any concern here? the fight for the middle, fight for the swing voters, did biden
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perhaps go too far? women voters included here, too. >> heck, no. first of all, i was watching this last night with dials and the vice president was off the charts. the vice president is passionate. those times where he was interrupting or flashing a grin, he was calling out paul ryan for lying. that was what happened last night. that's why they want to replay this debate and try to make the vice president to be out as something he is not. paul ryan lost. he was exposed for lying on the tax plan. he was exposed for lying on medicare. he was exposed to somebody that wants to privatize social security. he was exposed as a ticket that is politicalizing a tragedy in the middle east. the vice president called him out. i was so proud of him. >> some are saying the one weak point was the response to the initial question on libya. >> they sent the u.n. ambassador
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out to say this is because of a protest and youtube video. >> that is exactly what we were told by intelligence community. >> by who? >> the intelligence community told us that as they learned more facts about exactly what happened. they changed their assessment. >> joe scarborough this morning, as well as in "the daily standard," they said this that biden throws the intelligence community under the bus. what's your thought here? was the vice president not aware of the congressional testimony that happened on tuesday? the full tick tock that had come out? it didn't sync with his answer, necessarily. >> i think there will be more to be said on this today. i'm not going to prejudge what might come out of the state department. let me just say this. what i find disgusting, and american people should find disgusting, on the night this was happening, before we knew the ambassador had been killed, mitt romney decided to politicalize a tragedy in the middle east. >> that is what the vice president said. the vice president did not
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answer the question properly. what's your take on that? >> i don't know whether he answered the question properly or not. i think there is more information to come out. this is the thing. republicans have rush to judgment to take political advantage of a tragedy. they are doing this because they are losing this presidential race. they are out of ideas. they want to go back to the policies in the past on the economy. they know the president has a strong record on foreign policy. they politicalized this issue. they know these assessments change over time just like after 9/11, like they did in iraq. >> headline in the "new york post," reads smirky biden upstages his boss. it looks like the vice president got the base off the cliff, as you were saying just a second ago. what is your thought here? does the president plan to be as aggressive, maybe take a play out of the vice president's plan here when he has his debate next tuesday?
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>> i think everyone knows the vice president and president obama are two extremely different people. the president will hold mitt romney accountable in the next debate. i have no doubt about that. joe biden set the table for that. paul ryan was exposed last night for not having any new ideas and for not being truthful about their plans. >> brad woodhouse, thank you so much. i appreciate your time today, dnc xhuks director. let's bring in our friday political power. julian reed, alice stewart. we want to mention any minute we are expecting to hear from former president clinton at a rally in indiana. he is taking the stage right now. we'll get straight to this once it does happen. i do want to start with you
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because one way biden fired up last night is he hit on that 47% videotape. >> it shouldn't be surprising for a guy who has 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. >> romney is a good man. he cares about 100% of americans in this country. with respect to that quote, i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> i always say what i mean. and so does romney. >> spirited debate there. joy ann reed? did he reset the clock? does the president start with a clean slate here? >> i think it's clear what joe biden had to do going into this debate was to refire up the base. much of the -- i think there was overcorrection in the media saying the base was completely
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dispirited. this week i think you saw a fired up base coming out of the debate. there was pearl clutching on the ritd. it was a week ago today interrupting the moderator, bullying the moderator on the part of mitt romney was considered masterful debate performance. you have the same people on the right saying joe biden, don't be rude. the difference is biden was interrupting paul ryan, his opponent. he was going right at him where last week we had mott romney pushing around poor jim lehrer. it's disingenuous for the right to say let's not interrupt. judge, chris, does the president at this moment need to have a biden performance? i was asking brad woodhouse that a second ago. what is your thought here? >> it depends. town halls are different than one-on-one debates. it's a different dynamic. people need to be aware of that when they say the president needs to come out and be like a
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bulldog, be very aggressive. sounds really good. a nice talking point. when you've got 75 undecided voters you have to connect with, it's dangerous. i think the president's got to be himself. he's got to be very forceful in defense of his record and his presidency. and be clear where he wants to go. >> do you see them challenging each other on the floor during the town hall? >> it depends how the dynamic flows. my guess is both will be hesitant to do that. you're going to see them challenge them. it will be respectfully brutal. they are going to be tough 0 on each other but have to be aware you cannot be the same kind of aggressive in front of a room of people you can one-on-one. >> biden mentioned romney repeatedly by name during the debate. let's listen to part of that. >> governor romney was asked.
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governor rommy says. governor romney. >> nbc's first read says ryan said obama 14 times while biden said romney 26 times. based on those numbers, biden came out swinging certainly like governor romney did last week. what is your thought here? did congressman ryan miss an opportunity to come out and hit as romney did the week before? >> i think the take away number from that is the very few times that biden actually mentioned obama, simply because he doesn't have a record to run on. the way he was smirking and laughing, it was disrespectful to ryan and insulting to the pros he. if anyone was fast and loose with the truth it was joe biden claiming that they acted based on intelligence information by stating that the benghazi attack was the result of a video, and now even to this day saying they had no knowledge of requests for increased security at the embassy when we heard in security hearings on wednesday
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there were repeated requests by members of the defense department to have increased security. those requests for denied. they felt as though the taliban were itself inside the building. i think these are some questions if joe biden and barack obama did not know about this, either they're ignorant or misleading the american people, neither of which should be tolerated. >> three lightning round questions for all three of you. answer ryan or biden. first question, who attracted more voters from the middle after yesterday? joy-ann? >> i would think biden. on the medicare question, that is the most important pressing question to a lot of seniors. medicare, biden. >> chris? >> biden. passion resonates probably more than ryan and ryan didn't do what he had to in terms of undercutting vice president biden. >> i agree biden rallied the base with his behavior, but i think he lost a lot of independents and moderates based
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on his disrespectful behavior. >> who looked more presidential? >> biden. ryan didn't look ready for primetime. >> chris? >> biden. >> ryan was respectful and factual. >> our friday political power panel after an exciting night last night, right? all enjoyed the debate, i thought. thank you to all of you. >> thanks. here is a live look at the space shuttle "endeavour" wrapping up his final journey to a los angeles museum. the spacecraft is used to travel at warped speeds. early this morning it crawled just two miles an hour through the streets of los angeles. we know how bad the traffic is. 400 trees and lots of traffic lights were taken down to make room for the five-story tall shuttle what a sight that must be. >> if you go with ryan, what he believes is, you know, life begins at conception. that what is roman catholics are supposed to believe. on the other hand, i'm a woman
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and i want the right to do what i want with my body. >> vice president biden and paul ryan square off on abortion rights last night. one of the most emotional moments of the debate. melissa harris perry sounds off. what do you think? what was your favorite debate moment last night? tweet me @richard lui. we'll share your thoughts. [ male announcer ] you know that guy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know.
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you're looking at live pictures from the white house briefing room right now. jay carney expected to take to the microphones to hold his daily briefing. the white house press secretary will likely be asked about libya and last night's vice presidential debate. the first question on that very issue. we'll keep an eye out on that
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and keep you up-to-date if something does happen of note. the issue of abortion came up last night the first time. both vice president biden and paul ryan are catholic and agree with their church's position that life begins at conception. that's where the consensus ends. >> it's not simply because of my catholic faith. that's a factor, of course, but it's also because of reason that the policy of the romney administration will be to oppose abortion with the exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother. >> life begins at conception, that's the church's judgment, i accept in my personal life. i refuse to impose it on equally devout christians, muslims and jus and i refuse to impose that on others like my friend here the congressman it do not believe that we have a right to tell other people, women, they can't control their body.
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>> joining us now melissa harris perry, host of her show here on saturday and sunday right here on msnbc. not necessarily front and center. what is your thought here? >> interesting. that framing of the question, the two candidates were asked specifically, you guys are both catholic. talk about the issue of abortion from your personal perspective. what that framing did was, of course, leave open this conversation between two older white guys about what they their personal experiences with reproductive rights are. it was an odd way to frame it. >> who answered better? >> for me because i'm a reproductive rights advocate, i think joe biden had the better answer. the vice president indicated he had one set of personal beliefs, but he didn't need to impose those through law. that said, i think what happened, it took out the need for both of them to address it in a real way the role of
11:18 am
government and the state because they were asked, talk about this personally. what i liked about what vice president biden did was he brought it back to the role of government and said here are my personal feelings, but the issue is how government should behave. >> congressman ryan was talking about elected judges. >> absolutely. one of the things i think we often forget is that the president of the united states, his greatest legacy is consistently that federal judiciary. when we look at the issue of abortion, the longest legacy any president leaves are the appointments made to those federal benches. though this was a vice presidential debate, they are reflecting those same issues. >> the next president will be able to appoint two supreme court judges. >> argued there was rape, enforcible rape, in the case of rape or incest it was still, it would be a crime to engage in having an abortion. >> all i'm saying is if you
11:19 am
believe that life begins at conception, that, therefore, doesn't change the definition of life. that's a principle. the policy of a romney administration is to oppose abortion with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother. >> my friend says that, i guess he accepts governor romney's position now because in the past he has argued that there was rape and forcible rape. >> trying to drive a wedge there between both ryan and romney on their positions on this very issue. was he able to do that? >> governor romney is going to appoint to the u.s. supreme court if he is able to, justices that would likely overturn roe v. wade. that is what would happen if mitt romney becomes president of the united states. joe biden was trying to make clear last night despite the back and forth we heard, that
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that is what is likely to happen. >> melissa harris-perry, great to see you. you can watch melissa harris-perry show every saturday and sunday 10:00 a.m. eastern time. you can cut tax rates by 20% and still preserve these important preferences for middle class taxpayers. >> not mathematically possible. >> adding up the numbers. congressman ryan does not get into specifics. does the math add up? i'll ask one of his house colleagues. all atwitter. a look at the vice presidential debate top tweets. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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and let us pass the tax cut for the middle class, make it permanent, they get out of the way. just get out of the way. stop talking about how you care about people. show me something. >> that was vice president joe biden face-to-face with congressman paul ryan and their one and only debate before voters head to the polls in november. today, the spin is fast and furious as you probably can imagine from both sides of the aisle on exactly who won. democrats are charging again that the romney/ryan math does not add up. joining me now, republican congressman michael burgess of texas. he's also a member of the tea party caucus. thanks for being with us. >> great. good to be with you, richard. thanks for having me on. >> you bet. defense spending, let's start with that. moderator martha raddatz pressed ryan on that. >> i want to know how you do the math and have this increase in defense spending? >> you don't cut defense by $1 trillion. that's what we are talking
11:25 am
about. >> what national security issue justify an increase? >> we are going to cut 80,000 soldiers, 20,000 marines, 120 cargo planes. >> drawing down? >> don't cut the military by $1 trillion, not increase it by $1 million, don't cut it by $1 trillion. >> congressman burgess, what the democrats are saying romney would spend over $2 trillion more in defense than obama while at the same time, he's promising to balance the budget. how does that math add up? >> well, look, the first thing of course that has to be faced is january 2nd law signed by president obama actually cuts both domestic and military spending by $50 billion each across the board for the next ten years. regardless of what happens in the election, that is going to have to be dealt with. that is a reality that is out there right now. it's going to affect both defense spending and domestic spending equally. that's a big hurdle that is
11:26 am
going to have to be crossed whoever is sworn in. >> how about the $2 trillion? >> look, i do agree absolutely agree with congressman ryan. weakness is provocative. you do not need to be dismantling the country's military right now when it's been demonstrated over the past month just how dangerous a world it is. >> but congressman -- >> you're going to have to balance these things. it's not going to be easy. >> if you are going to balance with respect to $2 trillion more, how does that come together? that is the question many want the answer to. >> i don't think the price tag is $2 trillion more. look, the reality is right now, it's a $500 billion cut over the next ten years to the nation's defense. we are going to have to deal with that as a member of congress. not speaking for the romney administration, but we have to deal with that as members of congress before january 2nd. >> will romney provide the math behind this later on? will he provide those answers to the question that has been asked?
11:27 am
>> well, look, the president hasn't provide nid math as to how this is going to work in the current administration, let alone a second term of the obama administration. yeah, there are a lot of unanswered questions out there. it is going to take a great deal of work in order to balance the requirements that we maintain a strong military presence in this country, which i believe is essential because again, the weakness that you don't want to project weakness, particularly at this time when, look, it's been a pretty rough month overseas for people who have been paying attention. >> republican congressman michael burgess of texas, thank you for joining us on this friday. >> great. thank you. bill clinton holding a grassroots event in indianapolis, indiana. he's speaking right now. let's take a listen. >> i got up this morning, she said i wish i were going with you, but you know i can't. i was there last night because we were celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary. [ applause ]
11:28 am
i remember when we got married, we were both, as i remember, making $16,500 a year. living in a house that cost $20,500, had 1,100 square feet, no air conditioning, $174 a month mortgage. i paid 20% down on it, i think, maybe a little more. but my life has been graced by the american dream. only two governors of small states have ever been elected president. the other was franklin pierce, the governor of new hampshire in 1852. i got to know people like evan bayh, whom i adore.
11:29 am
i wanted to hate evan bayh because when i was elected governor, i was the youngest person elected in 40 years. he's 11 years younger than i am and a lot better looking. he got elected younger than i did. i was really steamed about it. but the funny thing happens to you when you get older and you realize, and i'm not being morbid here, i already outlived all the men in my family going back to, you have to go to my maternal great grandfather for a man who lived as long as i have. i'm not morbid, i'm grateful. when you know you have more yesterdays than tomorrow, it sort of simplifies and clarifies life. i think about all that matters is whether people are better off when you quick than when you started, whether children have a broader future, and whether things are coming together or being torn apart.
11:30 am
the rest is all background music. the question is -- [ applause ] the question is, how do you get that? if you look at what's made america great, what built a great middle class in the 20th century, it was clearly an economic philosophy that said, if you build a middle class and you give poor people an honorable, dignified way to work their way into it, if you help people who through no fault of their own can't get along in life, if you try to make sure people get a decent wage and can earn a decent income and support a family, the economy will go quicker and you will reward the entrepreneurs and the creators and there will be more millionaires and billionaires and we'll all be happy about it. one of the greatest things about america is we don't resent other people's success, as long as they are not being unfair about
11:31 am
it. we like that. >> president clinton in indianapolis, indiana, at a get out the vote rally at north central high school on a friday morning. beating the drum that was made last night by vice president joe biden. that is the issues of the middle class. both paul ryan, as well, debating on those issues. pressure is mounting to perform in next week's debate given what happened yesterday. in the meantime, the post-debate campaigning is kicking into high gear. bill clinton as what is talking about, his rally in indianapolis at the moment. today joe and jill biden stump in ryan's home state of wisconsin. mitt romney holds a rally in virginia before joining forces with ryan in ohio. the president weighed in on biden's performance before boarding air force one.
11:32 am
>> i thought joe biden was terrific tonight. i could not be prouder of him. i thought he made a strong case. >> mike viqueira joins me live from the white house. politico roger simon wrote this, "whatever joe biden was drinking thursday night, barack obama ought to order a case of it." when you look at that, is there more pressure on the president to be like biden now? >> it's ironic you would ask that because the idea was biden was going to take pressure off the president by giving the base, the democrat base the most ardent supporters a little red meat for their appetite, that that appetite left unsateed. the president will leave here tomorrow on the weekend heading south of williamsburg, virginia. another training camp, debate camp for the next several days in williamsburg. obviously choosing virginia like nevada before it as a swing state before he heads up to
11:33 am
hofstra university to sit down or stand up this time with mitt romney. yes, his base is looking for him to add some pep, add some energy, add some edge to really improve upon his performance that he turned in that first debate. >> mike viqueira live at the white house, thank you. >> okay. >> today mitt romney campaigns in two battleground states, virginia and ohio. last night romney watched the debate in his hotel room in north carolina along with his debate partner senator rob portman. peter allen is traveling with the romney campaign. what is the campaign saying today about paul ryan's performance? >> we are going to hear from the candidate himself in a matter of minutes as he is prepared to speak to voters here in virginia, in the city of richmond specifically. advisors have been making it clear among the things we will hear from him today is an attack on what we heard from the vice president, specifically about the situation in libya.
11:34 am
they sent out an e-mail a short time ago referring to biden's benghazi blunder and continued the administration pattern of misleading the american people about events in libya. we expect to hear about that topic in a short time from now. about last night, the other thing we heard specifically from the folks in the romney campaign is a lot of what you've been discussing, the sort of body language, the reactions, the expressiveness of the vice president, that they referred to as disrespectful, condescending, even rude. one top advisor said in an e-mail, what's wrong with biden? is this guy's elevator hitting the top floor? hoping to undermine vice president biden in the same way they went after al gore in the year 2000. that is another thing we expect to hear from them. >> peter alexander in richmond, thank you so much. another highlight of last night's spirited debate in danville, kentucky, the vp candidates mixing it up over
11:35 am
medicare. >> what we are saying is no changes for anybody 55 and above. >> what mitt romney is proposing -- >> the kinds of changes for younger people like myself, don't increase the benefits for wealthy people as fast as anybody else, slowly raise the retirement age over time. it wouldn't get to 70 until the year 2023. >> these guys haven't been big on medicare from the beginning. they've always been about social security as little as you can do. folks, use your common sense. who do you trust on this? >> joining me live now in the studio, democratic congressman charles rangel of new york, a member and former chairman of the ways and means committee responsible for form uting tax, medicare and social security laws. thanks for being here. >> and more importantly, i served with paul ryan on the committee. >> you know, very good. we'll get to that. first off though, just the issue that peter alexander was bringing up.
11:36 am
that is the stark difference when you look at the way vice president joe biden was expressing himself. some saying overly energetic, perhaps condescending in some spaces. do you think he went too far? how do you answer those critics? >> first of all, joe is joe. i think he was in complete command, overwhelming in terms of experience. yes, he smiled a little more often and that's what happens when you really believe that it's noncompetitive and it shouldn't happen. and paul ryan put in a better performance than most people, including me ever, ever expected. >> do you think biden went too far though? >> no, of course not. i think after anyone analyzes this, and i'm concerned about the public's wanting to know what the facts are. facts have anything to do with it, biden was completely in charge of it because paul ryan has been running away from this budget, the republican party has, romney has, and he really
11:37 am
believes in what he is saying is the only thing he's done in congress. he truly believes in the numbers and cannot get his own party to explain how is this thing going to balance out? joe made it abundantly clear, if you're going to cut taxes and raise money to do it, what are you cutting? he didn't do that. on the question of vouchers in terms of what everybody says, let them have what he calls assistance in terms of when you get older you get a voucher. >> you bring up a good point here. we talk about social security, medicare which we saw a piece of sound on, were the issues brought about and discussed in a way might have, let's talk about florida specifically where there are many voters that care about these issues. was it convincing coming from paul ryan? did he make them feel more comfortable about some of the issues that might concern them? >> i don't think so, especially on social security. i thought he would try some way to run away from his support
11:38 am
from privatization, but he says, no. young people should have an option in order to invest in something other than social security. well, i think biden made it abundantly clear, had they done that, they would have been wiped out. the market crashed so that ends the argument about privatization on social security. >> let's bring this back to the top of the debate. at issue was libya. we have new sound that came in from secretary clinton. let's listen to that. >> we do not have a complete picture. we do not have all the answers. no one in this administration has ever claimed otherwise. every one of us has made clear that we are providing the best information we have at that time. >> that's from secretary clinton from moments ago here. congressman, the answer vice
11:39 am
president joe biden gave at the top of the debate, did that answer the question within the context of the information that was out there. there was testimony yesterday on capitol hill that laid out the tick-tock that may not agree with the way the vice president answered that question? >> why in the world would any president, republican or democrat, after losing four american heroes want to hide what has happened? it just seems to me as an american and not as a democrat, if we lost these people, we should join in their mourning and not trying to make political hay out of it. it just doesn't make sense to accuse the united states of america, the president of the united states, the secretary of state of a cover-up when we lost our people. this is about as close to an accusation of treason that i've ever heard. i don't think the american people are over our mourning,
11:40 am
rather than find out what the people on the ground really knew. when you have an ambassador to the united nations coming before the american people and saying over and over the best intelligence we have is that it's connected with this motion picture and that was not good intelligence soon as they got it, they reported it. >> how does biden and the president blunt this? >> i think just an appeal to the american people. i challenge anyone that would believe that any administration, republican or democrat would try to deceive the american people after we had this loss. if we made mistakes, you're damn right we have to do better, but it should not be a political issue. i don't think it's relevant as to who should be the next president of the united states of america. >> democratic congressman charles rangel. i appreciate your time. >> thanks for inviting me. >> with all due respect, that is
11:41 am
a bunch of malarkey. not a single thing he said is accurate. >> what was really a bunch of malarkey? what was as honest as abe lincoln and the vp debate? fact and fiction, next. malarkey, one of the most tweeted moments. what was your favorite moment? tweet me @richard lui. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! thanks.
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uhhh. (cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >>. >> i love my friend here. i'm not allowed to show letters. go on my website. he sent me two letters saying, by the way, can you send me stimulus monies for companies here in the state of wisconsin? we sent millions of dollars. >> you did ask for stimulus money. >> sure he did. >> on two occasions we advocated for constituents applying for grants. that's what we do. we do that for all constituents. >> i love that. i love that. >> there was no better way to see the crowd reaction last night to statements like that than on social media. it was flying. during the 92 minutes of action, there were 3.5 million tweets during that 1 1/2 hours.
11:45 am
that's the time from the men shook their hands as well as to the time that the clock ran out. to put that in perspective, 10.3 million tweets were counted during last week's presidential debate, almost three times. the number twos don't yield as much social capital as the top dogs. among the more popular tweets, that photo of president obama watching the veep face-off on air force one and photo of governor romney watching his counterpart duel while dining on pizza joined by contest winner christine. then there is martha raddatz that said she wasn't bringing that weapon stage with her. the moments that lit up the board at more than 58,000 tweets were minute when biden jabbed at ryan saying, "now you're jack kennedy?" that was the top tweet of the night. when ryan accused the obama administration getting caught with its hands in the cookie jar
11:46 am
raiding medicare. the popular google searches on ryan during the debate included, how old is, shirtless and workout, pointing to photos of ryan pumped up on camera. for biden, no shirtless searches to report so far. instead, people searched most on these, how old is, laughing and his wife jill. we'll let bill maher get the last laugh today. he tweeted, hello, 911, there's an old man beating up a child on my tv." if you listen to last night's debate you heard the word "malark "malarkey" thrown more than once. accusations from biden his challenger wasn't being truthful. who dished out the most baloney? back this wean, "the washington post" fact checker and blogger glenn kessler. thanks for joining us. >> glad to be with you. >> with the topic out of the gate last night, that's the deadly attack of the u.s.
11:47 am
consulate in libya, when the moderator asked vice president biden about a request prior to the attack for more security at that location, here what is the response. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security again. by the way, at the time, we were told exactly, we said exactly what the intelligence community told us. >> what does your meter show you? >> well, you know, that was a real puzzler. just this week, state department officials, security officials testified before congress saying they had requested more security, they needed more security in libya, they were unclassified cable releases showing that. a few moments ago the white house made a statement saying biden was talking about himself and the president, not the administration. it sounded like he was denying the administration had any knowledge of security interest there. >> let's look at this one. another claim from congressman ryan who said that the obama
11:48 am
administration has not been effective at stopping or slowing iran's nuclear ambitions. let's listen to that. >> when barack obama was elected, they had enough material to make one bomb. now enough for five. we had four different sanctions, three from the bush administration, one here and that's because russia watered it down and prevented the sanctions from hitting the central bank. >> true or false? >> this is a very complex subject. it's striking to me that a lot of the complaints that ryan is making about obama's policy is what obama used to say about george w. bush's policy. official material line is misleading. they don't have the material that can be used to create a bomb. it has to go through several more cycles to become weapons grade, then they have to put it into a weapon. >> a huge topic in the race so
11:49 am
far. health care coverage and specifically medicare as we were talking about in the last segment two. very different accounts what the obama administration has done to try to change the system. this is what was said. >> what we did is we saved $716 billion and put it back, applied it to medicare. we cut the cost of medicare, we stopped overpaying insurance companies. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare onto a piggy bank for obama care. >> who got the story more right there? >> well, we are talking about the federal budget here. it's very complex. the $720 billion over ten years, that was taken, was reductions to providers in medicare and the obama administration was using that to help pay for the health care bill. on balance there, you could say ryan kind of had it more right, but like i said, it's very complex. government fund is not like
11:50 am
you're taking it out of a cookie jar. >> moving money from one account to another and floating between those two accounts. you had a lot of truth checking to do last night. we didn't go through all of them, all said, who would you say was telling the most truth ? >> i try to avoid that kind of question just because it's hard to take an example of a small statement versus a big statement. i think bhooiden's libya commen was eye raising and the white house's explanation doesn't make a lot of sense. a number of occasions having to do with taxes and budget information that paul ryan got wrong as well. >> glen kessler, i can't quite speak english this morning, thank you so much for joining us from "the washington post." >> you're welcome. it was a long night. i'll give you that. and this was the other debate happening last night. the one that nearly came to a
11:51 am
fistfight. details on that ahead in the policy side bar. i got your campbell's chunky soup. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. the giants don't have a mascot! ohhh! eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans. hmmm. for giant hunger! thanks mom! see ya! whoaa...oops! mom? i'm ok. grandma? hi sweetie! she operates the head. [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision.
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as someone who worked with the vice president for two years and traveled with him around the country in the world, i took extreme pleasure in watching the debate last night because of the way that he demonstrated his passion and his wisdom and the joy that he brings to the job of serving the american people. >> white house press secretary jay carney commenting on the vice president's debate performance just moments ago. carney used to work for the vice president by the way before moving to his current role. so if you thought the vice presidential debate was contentious, wait until you see this next debate. time now for the poly side barp. >> you want to get over this? >> [ inaudible ].
11:55 am
>> and those are two democratic congressmen that needed to be separated by a police officer at their debate in california last night. howard berman and brad sherman fighting for the same seat because of redistricting. it's become a very heated, very bitter and nasty campaign as you can see. congressman sherman acknowledging that in a statement after the debate saying, quote, the debate was not conducted at the highest level. i regret my part in allowing emotions to distract from the exchange of views and we are in a heated and expensive race that's become an e motional race. we think when smears are made and untruths said a person has to defend had himself and that raises the intensity of the debate end quote. mitt romney had a prayer session with the reverend billy graham at his north carolina home yesterday. after the 30-minute meeting reverend graham said he was
11:56 am
impressed with romney's values and strong moral conviction. graham has met with every sitting president from harry truman to president obama. he turns 94 years old on november 7th, the day after the presidential election. is hollywood breaking for romney? first "clueless star stacy dash and now actress lindsay lohan is chiming in and told "e" i think employment is really important right now so as of now mitt romney as of now. >> that wraps up things for me. have a great weekend, "now" with alex wagner is up next. don't miss that. ole throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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